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Key Ways To Boost Your Business Ranking And Sales In 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012

It’s no secret that businesses host a website to increase their online presence and attract customers. However, successfully achieving these goals takes strategy and careful execution. If you feel like your online ranking and sales could use a little boost, read on. The following tips can help you quickly broaden your online reach for optimal results.

Important Tips To Get Your Links To The Top Of Search Results

When creating your online promotional plan, always consider the following:

#1 Quality Content: Distributing high-quality, optimized and educational, fresh content is a great way to instantly attract visitors. Not only will the search engines take notice, but easy to read, informative content will let your readers (aka customers!) know that you are an authority they can trust and share.

#2 Create A Blog: Blogging is a great way to consistently deliver new copy for both search engines and humans alike. Remember, don’t just create a blog, but actively participate in your industry’s blog community to network and gain consumer trust.

#3 Build Personal Relationships: The Internet is chock full of likeminded professionals just waiting to be networked with. Reach out to authors of blogs and influencers of content that you feel has added value to your own operations. Brick by brick, you’ll build your personal relationship empire.

#4 Public Relations: A modern, online PR is one of the best ways to create invaluable link building. Sites like can save business owners a lot of time during the research phase and help you to think big with your message. You’ll be surprised at just how many newsworthy things are going on with you biz! Keep in mind that working with a professional team that offers comprehensive PR services can help ensure you stay consistent with your message and consistent with your brand using a variety of media resources.

#5 Get Social: Social media networks are proven resources that are here to stay. Using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites are a great way to connect, share and react while building your business community.

#6 Think Viral: Keep in mind that getting your content reposted, liked, retweeted, etc. is one of the most effective ways to reach the consuming masses. Be smart, clever, amusing and even downright funny to encourage those that like you to tell their own networks about how great you are.

#7 Build Authority & Trust: Remember, your online brand is a critical piece of your business’s overall brand identity. Always ensure that everything you distribute improves the trust you have with your readers. Onsite tactics such as SSL, an About Us page, Privacy Policy page and the MacAfee secure seal are all great ways to broaden your brand reach and establish your business as a trusted vendor.

#8 Do Your Keyword Research: Having the right keywords to target your consumer market is one of the most important pieces of a successful online campaign. Always do extensive keyword research before starting any PPC and/or SEO campaign for optimal results.

#9 Consider User Experience: User Experience or UX, is a very important factor to consider before building your site. Always partner with a professional graphic designer who understands how your visitors will think, react and ultimately navigate through your online pages to ensure you’re connecting with them as effectively as possible.

#10 Visually Engage Your Reader: Too much content can quickly overwhelm readers. Use infographics, Images and mem’s to help convey your message instantly to your site visitors – consolidating your information into a visual graphic is also a great way to encourage readers to share your story.

#11 Work Link Baits: Despite its often negative connotation, using visually appealing features and content to engage with your reader is actually a positive thing. Always consider audio/video clips, images and other online tactics that will quickly grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to click.

#12 Employ CTR Tactics: CTR can play a pivotal role within any pay per click campaign.  Changing the ads and extended site links is a great way to ensure that your CTR approach evolves with your business and consumer demographic. Also, using an author tag and image connected to a Google+ page can help increase click throw rate.

#13 Gauge ROI with Web Analytics:  Every business owner should understand the results their online marketing tactics are delivering. Always employ a credible analyzing resource, such as Google Analytics, to ensure you can pinpoint where you traffic is coming from and other crucial demographic details.

#14 Know Your Conversion Rate: Finally, understanding your business’s online conversion rate is the only way to pinpoint what’s working and what is causing a user breakdown. Partner with a CRO expert to help ensure your conversion rate is where it should be.


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