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10 Tips For Effective SEO: How To Increase Traffic To Your Site Without Breaking The Budget!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Search Engine OptimizationAre you tired of spending your valuable time and money designing the perfect website, only to realize that no one is viewing it? You’re not alone! The good news is there are many ways to naturally increase traffic to your site, without spending a fortune. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have come a long way in recent years. By implementing just a few simple tips, you can improve your ranking fast!

  1. Publish Unique Content: It’s never okay to claim another writer’s material as your own or to copy content from other related sites. And from an SEO standpoint, publishing duplicate content or is one of the biggest errors you can make. Search engines are smart these days. Not only do they recognize duplicate content, but they also punish you for it! Simply put, if you publish unoriginal content, you’ll soon watch your page drop in the rankings.
  1. Write Compelling Title Meta Tags: Whether or not you’ve heard the term “title meta tag” before, odds are you’ve seen many of them in your lifetime – you just didn’t know it! Title meta tags are commonly found in the title bar of your web browser and as the headline for your page on a search results page. In other words, it’s one of your best chances to get people to click, click, click! So make the most of the opportunity by writing a real attention-grabber!
  1. Don’t Forget The Meta Description: Like title tags, meta descriptions are another opportunity to encourage people to click on your page rather than all the others. The meta description is like a brief summary of what your page is all about, so be sure to offer its most compelling tidbits in this section!
  1. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media: Make it easy for users to share your page on Facebook and Twitter by adding “share this” options throughout your site. Believe it or not, this does help boost your ranking! The more your content is shared within the social networking world, the more traffic you’ll see to your site.
  1. Maintain An On-site Blog: If a search engine were to have a best friend, it would be fresh content! On-site blogs are a great way to generate a continuous stream of fresh, unique content on your site, and they provide a great opportunity for interlinking between relevant pages.
  1. Create A Site Map: There are two varieties of site maps you should be aware of: HTML site maps and XML site maps. An HTML site map, commonly located on the home page, is sort of like a table of contents that maps out all the pages on your site. It makes it easier for visitors to navigate throughout your site and ensures that your pages don’t get buried in the depths of your site, never to be found by the search engines! While an HTML site map is primarily created for website visitors, an XML site map is geared more toward the search engines. XML site maps list the URLs for your site in a specific format that enables search engines to more easily index your site. Once you’ve created your XML site map, be sure to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, an excellent resource for tracking and improving your site’s visibility in Google search results.
  1. Use Anchor Text Links: Say goodbye to those “click here” links that may be lingering throughout your site. A better solution when linking from one page to another is to embed hyperlinks within strategically written anchor text, such as a main keyword, to encourage users to explore your site.
  1. Become A Guest Blogger: Look for popular blogs within your niche or industry and offer to write a guest post. Many blogs welcome the new perspectives and fresh content, and in exchange will allow you to drop in a link or two back to your site!
  1. Do Some Keyword Research: You can have the most professionally written SEO content around, but if you’re not optimizing for the right keywords, you’re going to get the wrong kind of traffic to your site. Do your homework and determine the most searched-for terms in your line of business and go from there!
  1. Quality Writing Is Key: It’s hard to beat the benefits of good old-fashioned quality writing. Simply ensuring that the content you publish on your site is of a high caliber can go a long way in boosting your SEO ranking!

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