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Famous/Celeb Reputation Maintenance Goes Mainstream

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

online image enhancement

Famous/celeb reputation maintenance has traditionally been the goal of online image enhancement specialists who worked with the rich and famous, but today’s business owners and professionals are increasingly turning to these reputation experts. The Internet and search engines have changed everything, enabling anyone to post blogs, articles and information, opening the average person to the dangers of bad press, negative articles, poor reviews or misinformation.

A professional with famous/celeb reputation management experience can help you control that information and manipulate it, turning what could be a negative search engine reputation into a powerful form of positive press.

An Example: A Surgeon Learns The Hard Way

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “it can’t happen to me.” One plastic surgeon did just that, assuming his established search engine reputation was strong enough to withstand one bad review posted on a local business forum by a disappointed patient. The patient’s expectations hadn’t been realistic, but his review never mentioned that. The small, local review was picked up by another, larger forum, and from there it spread. Soon, an Internet news agency ran a story about deceptive surgical practices, using the plastic surgeon as an example.

The story quickly grew, with the original patient being interviewed, tweeted, and quoted.  A month later, the surgeon did a search for his name, expecting to find the usual top ranking for his practice’s website. Instead, he found an entire page of articles, blogs and forum comments that tied his name to phrases such as “botched surgery, deceptive surgeons, malpractice,” and “plastic surgery horror stories.” His search engine reputation had effectively been destroyed by one disgruntled patient. Fortunately, a savvy, online image enhancement specialist was able to turn the tide by combining strong search engine optimization strategies with positive copywriting. Within weeks, the plastic surgeon’s online reputation soared, accurately reflecting his experience and dedication.

Creating A Positive Online Presence

If you want to be seen and heard, online image enhancement combining professional copywriting and search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools available. By posting new content, new links, and new press releases, we can provide online image enhancement, creating positive buzz around your name or your company name. We can increase your name’s ranking in a positive way with proven SEO strategies that establish you as expert in your field, a successful philanthropist, or an industry leader depending upon your own online image enhancement goals.

Online Reputation Management

On the Internet, even a small indiscretion or minor setback can take on a life of its own. Just one negative article that shows up in search engines can irreparably harm your reputation, costing you the job you’ve applied for, damaging client relationships or tarnishing an otherwise stellar online presence. With online reputation management, we focus on long term goals such as relegating negative stories to the lower end of search engine results and pushing positive articles and press releases to the top of search engine rankings. If bad reviews are a problem, we can add relevant comments and new, positive reviews to refute them and move those poor reviews deeper down in search engine rankings. We can literally give you a second chance at transforming your reputation.

Online reputation management takes advantage of several powerful techniques, including:

  • Revamping and resubmitting existing news
  • Utilizing social media to provide online image enhancement
  • Creating professional profiles and biographies
  • Using press releases as a way to improve your image
  • Writing blog posts that will establish a positive identity
  • Producing online videos that will cement your search engine reputation
  • Adding reviews to third party sites

If you need online image enhancement, Revolution Web can develop a customized online reputation management plan that will create an excellent search engine reputation while minimizing the potential damage that could be caused by online posts that you can’t control. Let our online reputation management team craft an approach for you or your company that will result in true online image enhancement as well as outstanding search engine results. Call today (1-866-203-2002) for a free online image enhancement consultation, then decide for yourself. We’re confident you’ll recognize the value of transforming your search engine reputation with our online reputation management program, turning your name into a valuable tool for business success.

4 Reasons Why Your SEO Company And Web Development Team Should Work Together

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

SEO company Miami

Hiring a great website designer in Miami is one of the first steps toward an exciting website that will improve your company’s success, and the right SEO company in Miami can move your website up to the top of search engine rankings. However, if your SEO company and your web development team aren’t on the same page, your website isn’t going to be effective and may end up costing you money. Here are four great reasons to make sure everyone is working together:

1. Understanding And Conveying Your Company Vision

Who does your website development? Miami businesses often turn to website designers in Miami who are experienced in creating a site that can reflect their company vision and improve click-through, but if your SEO company has a different take on your company vision, you may run into problems.

2. Website Development In Miami Needs To Be Cohesive

Your website designer can create stunning pages with graphics, illustrations and lots of other attractive elements. However, if those elements don’t work seamlessly with the content written by your SEO company or they use elements such as Flash graphics that aren’t search engine friendly, Miami customers and anyone else visiting your site may get confused. Confusion can quickly become frustration, and frustrated visitors don’t click through or make purchases. If your web development team is kept in the loop when you hire an SEO company to provide fresh articles or blog posts, it can quickly develop attractive new landing pages that will work well with the new content.

3. Ensuring Top Search Engine Rankings

A lot of the work by your web development team in Miami is “behind the scenes” in the form of Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and other elements that may not be seen by site visitors, but they are crucial to your website’s success. Your SEO company should either provide your website designer with content for these “unseen” elements, or they should work closely with your web development team to create accurate tags and descriptions that will quickly move your website to the front page of search engine rankings.

4. Avoid Costly Rewrites By Hiring An SEO Company in Miami That Has A Web Development Team In Place

No matter how gorgeous your website is, if the content doesn’t mesh well with your overall design, you won’t get very many conversions. On the flip side, even award-winning content won’t hold the attention of visitors if the look and feel of your website is boring, old fashioned or difficult to navigate.

Revolution Web offers the perfect solution for businesses worldwide. We’re an SEO company businesses can rely on for exceptional content and we offer web development that’s unmatched. We’ll work closely with you to give you seamless solutions that work effortlessly. Call 1-866-203-2002 today for a free consultation.


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