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Google Plus 1 Responds To The Facebook Like Button And Gives Web Browsers A Whole New Way To See What Their Friends Are Buzzing About

Monday, June 20th, 2011

SEO Company Fort Lauderdale

Google has recently announced its new tool, Google Plus 1 as a response to the Facebook “Like” button and has provided an entirely new way for individuals browsing the web to search and prioritize web results. Essentially, Google Plus 1 allows anyone with a Google account to voice an opinion on specific search results by giving it a “Plus 1.” This “Plus 1” will then show up when friends and contacts search the web, letting them know that this particular link has received a friend’s recommendation as a solid site. No longer will computer users have to weed through an endless ocean of information. Instead, with a simple click of a mouse, Google users can give the “thumbs up” on a return, alerting everyone in their network that this site has received a user’s seal of approval.

At Revolution Web, we understand the importance of Google Plus 1’s function and the role it will play with our clients looking to rise to the top of the search engines. As a top notch SEO company in Miami and SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, we recognize that Internet users seeking businesses and industry experts will no longer need to mindlessly click through thousands of returns to find qualified results. Instead, the Plus 1 will let user’s know that a link is a friend’s recommendation and will encourage them to “start here.”

While this fairly new tool may overwhelm a novice user, the talented staff of experts at our SEO company in Miami and SEO company in Fort Lauderdale understand the power of this application and how to use it in a successful online marketing plan. As an innovative front runner in Internet Marketing, Revolution Web will partner with your business to include a customized Google Plus 1 approach to your online promotional strategy and help to further increase your web presence and online network.

Are you looking to partner with a top notch SEO Company in Miami to help your business successfully use Google Plus 1 in your SEO approach? The team at Revolution Web/Media is ready to help! Contact us today to find out how our team of specialists can partner with your business to create an ideal Internet marketing solution to help you stand apart from the endless masses of online competition.


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